Tuesday, November 18, 2008

RPM a quick guide...


RPM is a package management system defined by RedHat. Different distributions (Fedora, Rocks Cluster, Mandriva) and package management tools (yum) rely on it.
You can ignore the rpm command when your favorite repository provides the packages that you need however when you get a rpm from third party software provider you'll require a little knowledge about the rpm tool.

What packages are installed? rpm -qa | less
How to uninstall packages? rpm -e package_name
How to install packages? rpm -i file_name


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Green Computing

Today many of us are more conscious about our environment. Due to either high prices in combustibles or green house effect we look for ways to save energy and become more green.
Linux Journal has an article with ideas of people from different places around the world about how to save energy re-utilizing the power emitted by legacy data centers.
Take a look ;-)

Finally, recycle, turn off unnecessary lights, put your computer on hibernate mode as frequent as you can, don't waste the water; please, collaborate to save our limited resources.