Friday, February 13, 2009

My experience deploying the new security scheme in PRAGMA

New year and new security scheme has been deployed on PRAGMA.
In order to enable your Grid resource for all the PRAGMA users is necessary to uncompress the content of the following files in the '/etc/grid-security/certificates' directory:

Now, assure that you have enable the 'vdt-update-certs' service. In my case, the 'vdt-control --on vdt-update-certs' command failed, so it was necessary, prior to enable this service, to execute the 'vdt-register-service --name vdt-update-certs --enable' command.
Then, I follow the instructions provided in this link.

  • vdt-control --off
  • vdt-control --on
I tested the certificates submitting a couple of 'globus-job-run' commands toward two different grid resources ( and

Good Hack!