Monday, November 21, 2011

How to find the window id in xorg

Execute "xwininfo", that's it.

Preseeding files for automatic installation of Linux systems

Days ago, I found an interesting link which explains how to install Linux systems answering no questions. This procedure doesn't require any particular CD, you can use your regular installation CD along with a text file where answers to the usual questions for installing a Linux system are responded.

The original link can be found here and additional information about content of preseeding files can be obtained from here and here.

This procedure is a blessing when you frequently install Linux systems.

This procedure was initially implemented for RedHat systems but it was later extended to Ubuntu systems. The preseeding file and variables defined in it are release dependent, for instance a preseeding file for lucid may not work oneiric.

Finally, if you wan additional info, this kind of procedure is also referred as "preconfiguration file", "preseeding file" and "installcdcustomization".