Tuesday, October 20, 2009

First Day - Afternoon session

On the afternoon, we heard the Jose Caballero's talk. He employed an introductory presentation in which different technologies and concepts associated with Grid infrastructures were presented. He also talked a little bit about Condor which is a job manager for pool of workstations. Condor exhibits interesting features such as check pointing, resuming  and  migration of processes.
Condor can be categorized as an opportunistic job manager which harnesses idle CPU cycles found into pool of workstations. When idle work stations are found, Condor uses them for executing foreign tasks. When an 'idle' node are claimed for its owner, any process submitted by Condor is then evicted and resumed to another 'idle' workstation detected by Condor.
OSG has selected to Condor as its job manager by default.
At the end of this afternoon, for the hands-on session, we follow the instructions given here.

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