Friday, February 4, 2011

Working with Qemu and GNS3

QEMU is an open source machine emulator. It is used by GNS3 to emulate PCs into network topologies defined by the user.
Why do we need a PC into a network topology? Linux-based PCs can be used as firewalls and routers. For our purposes we are interested in to deploy a virtual machine with firewall and router capabilities.
GNS3, our network simulation tool, exhibits valuable features but it lacks of consolidated documentation. As follow, I will provide some links for deploying a PC QEMU host in GNS3.
  • Downloading and configuring a QEMU-based image. The configuration steps are performed into GNS3.
  • Some tricks for running the terminal of the PC. The prior link suggests to modify some flags for configuring the VM image into GNS3, however the author of this link suggests no modify any flag if you require to access via terminal the PC host in GNS3 (Of course, we need it). I tested and worked BUT looks like there are connections problems with the deployed PC with other network equipments in the network topology.
  • Download the more recent version of GNS3. I'm working with GNS3 version 0.7.3 but the link above suggest to work with the development version of GNS3. 
Stay tuned!


John Sanabria said...

My preferred virtualization tool is VirtualBox. This link explains how to use/import VirtualBox images in QEMU.

John Sanabria said...

Talking about firewall/router Linux distros.