Friday, April 15, 2011

Post-installation commands...

I have been a big fan of Fedora but those days I gave a try to Ubuntu 11.04 (Beta2). I like the way how Ubuntu manages packages since it looks very clean and stable although it's a Beta [2] release.

I was playing around with new packages and some updates ('apt-get dist-upgrade') which provoke a unstable system so a couple re-installations have been necessary. After every re-installation I executed the following commands:
  1. sudo software-properties-gtk, the Ubuntu's mirror for Colombia is not synchronized and the 'apt-get update' procedure throws some errors. Through this command, I could change the Colombia Mirror for the 'Main Server' option.
  2. gnome-window-properties, this command allows to modify the current windows behavior e.g. 'Select windows when the mouse mover over them' and Roll up window on the 'Double-click titlebar' event happens.
Give a try to Ubuntu 11.04, it's cool and fast.

PS: Fedora guys, why are you looking for a code name for Fedora 16 when Fedora 15 has not been released yet. Awkward, ah?

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