Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mozilla your new Desktop?

Since Netscape released its navigator source code, the developers community has an active participation in the development of the Mozilla platform, 1998.
This platform has leveraged the development of multiple, different and exciting projects such as Thunderbird, Songbird, Flock and Firefox, of course.
Mozilla exhibits a modular design that allows to expand the projects functionality through an architecture based on plug-ins.
Of course, I'm a fan of Firefox and I want to mention three plug-ins that have gotten my attention.
  • NoScript: This project aims to block all the scripts contained in the web pages that you regularly visit. Then, it avoids that you browser becomes overloaded for executing multiple instances of javascript code and saves you from running javascript code from unstrusted sites, as well.
    As a matter of fact, three weeks ago appeared a news about how malicious javascript code embedded on Internet web pages, retrieves your PayPal account info and sends it to Russian servers. Certainly, NoScript will reduce the possibility of lose your valuable info.
  • ScribeFire: This plug-in provides a simple to-use interface for publishing entries to your blog. In addition, it allows you to incorporate ads to your blog in such a way that you can earn some money meanwhile you write for fun ;-). In fact, I write for fun and I subscribed to the ScribFire ad program but still I didn't earn a penny for my writings ;-), but who cares :-D, I'm enjoying this journey ;-).
  • Ubiquity: This project was introduced on August, 2008. As its statement says It's an experiment for connecting the web with language. Then, it provides a friendly interface that allows you to execute multiple tasks such as to look up info on google and wikipedia, share info with popular social networks, edit web pages, interact with google maps, among others.
    I have never written something about this plug-in, because I found that it imposed to my browser a high overload, however, today I downloaded the last version and I found it very functional, gorgeous and exhibiting a promptly response to my requests.
As you can see, Mozilla, in particular Firefox, offers an amazing platform that can leverage your productivy if you know the proper plug-ins that best fulfill your needs. I have shared some of them with you and I hope that you give a change to open and smart computing platforms.

Happy new year :-D

PS: BTW, my computer is a Compaq R3000 with 1Gb of RAM and AMD Athlon(tm) XP Processor 3000+, running Fedora Core 7. :-)

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