Sunday, December 28, 2008

Variety of Virtualization Appliances

On December 17, was announced the release of VirtualBox 2.1.
This release comes with a lot of new features such as support for 3D graphics and support for virtualizing x86 and x64 appliances.
Now, you could execute your 3D Windows games inside your Linux box.
As well, you could test any x64 operating system and your x86 legacy system.
However, if your machine has a modest hardware resources you might experiment a low performance of your appliances.

That situation can be alleviated if your machine is empowered with processors that include a set of virtual instructions.
These instructions are tuned for reducing the overhead to occur during the virtualization process.
Intel offers the VT technology. This technology masks the virtualization operations enhancing the performance of virtual appliances.

Then, if you want to exploit all benefits of VirtualBox, I highly recommend you to upgrade your hardware. Thereby, buy a multi-core processor with support for VT Technology, 3 Gbytes of RAM, and video card with GPU.

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